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vividdolls bjd porcelain

Dear customer, you have purchased a porcelain doll


Please read the instructions how to handle the doll

  • Do not leave the doll standing without stand

  • Do not change an elastic, do not disassemble and assemble the doll by youself and do not repair dolls without consulting with me.

  • Not sharply bend the doll in the hinges. In order to avoid splits in hinges- change the position gently, slightly pulling the hinge and give desired position. Some of joints are glued with Decola, it’s special lacquer for glass. It is kept on the surface strongly  and at the same time the joints strike all the mediate poses, but if the doll for a long time remains static it may get stuck, in this case pull and swing the hinge in the direction of movement.

  • The doll can be cleaned with a damp cloth from contamination. Not advised to wash the doll, gluing in the hinges may be damaged and peeling.

  • Not "knock" the parts together and about the surrounding objects, do not drop the doll.

  • Do not give dolls to children.


Selling dolls and transferring their ownership to the buyer, I retain all copyrights to the work, including all rights of reproduction dolls or images. The doll or any part of the doll may not be changed, copied or reproduced in any way.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and legal standards of the vast majority of countries in the world, I as the author, owns all exclusive rights to my works, including dolls, pictures, videos, drawings, images, and materials posted on my site and on the Internet.

Liability for copyright infringement provided by law and depends on the nature of actions that violate copyrights. Types several liability: civil liability, administrative liability and criminal liability for copyright infringement.

The doll cannot be photographed, drawn or reproduced at the image in any other way for commercial use or use in advertising and promotional purposes without my written permission. The doll may not be published, i.e. represented in any form or by any means to an indefinite circle of persons, without my permission. And, in order to avoid anti advertising and violation of my copyright, the doll cannot be publicly demonstrated on the photo, or in any other way, in different from the original form, without my consent.

Any violation of my copyright, may result in legal proceedings without notice to the person who violated it.


Explanation of my position:

The first point I think that was clear to everyone, you cannot copy and modify my dolls, they are not streaming production, and not made from polyurethane (with whom the buyer has the right to do anything). Author's doll is not a toy, but an art object, and cannot be changed, of course it's not about changing wigs and clothing. 

The second paragraph, you cannot use any materials associated with my work, for comercial purpose.


The third important item, I am always happy to see good pictures of my dolls and my dolls in a different images, about it I personally write to all my buyers.

Pictures of dolls in substandard form, in bad condition, in order to avoid adver, I have the full right to ask to hide it from the public eye. Any product, thing, goods can be present in the picture not presentable, so this item is my reassurance from this.


Also want to say, that this copyrights are not my invention, any author of any work, crafts, drawing, etc. has the same rights.

I ask you to treat my copyrights with respect and understanding.

I love my customers and my dolls, want all of them was good and happy!

Responsibility disclaimer

I as the author of a work does not bear any responsibility for any damage, whether material or any other damage to the owner of the doll or third parties that may be incurred in connection with the use of a doll owner or other persons in any way.The doll contains small parts and is made of fragile material that can be broken with the formation of sharp edges and small fragments, which excludes its use by young children.Porcelain is very durable, but brittle material, rough handling, dropping, blow doll or fall on the doll heavy object, the pressure on the thin item (such as fingers, ears, etc), exposure to high temperature and its abrupt change (thermal shock) can irreversibly damage the doll.I warn about possible situations in which the doll will not be able to take or hold some of the poses inherent in a living person. To preserve the aesthetics of the dolls I donate some holes in the doll's parts and make them limited. Also remember that porcelain is a hard material that physically prevents the doll to have plastic similar to a human.

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