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Hello, my name is Polina and I create porcelain ball-jointed dolls and that’s my real passion. Each doll represents its own world full of ideas, reflection and history. Every doll is created for its connoisseur, who will never stay indifferent once seeing it. They will go through life together. And I will go on creating new dolls, as somebody is already waiting for them….

I had been working as an architect until 2011 and I wasn’t thinking of other occupation at that time. An idea to create dolls was unexpected even for me. I have always been painting, since I was a child and one day when I was painting a picture I imagined that I hold my personage in my hands and that idea seemed great to me. I started to think of creating a sculpture and searching through the expanse of the internet I saw the ball-jointed dolls. That was the beginning of my way into the vivid dolls world. I consider that a ball-jointed doll unites painting, sculpture, jeweller’s art, modelling, craftsmanship, all that I love so much and I try to reflect my own vision of the beautiful, my perception of the world in my creation. And now I’m certain that I will always create dolls!


I’m an artist, a designer and an architect by my education.


I graduated from the Art Lycee №303 in 2001.

“Applied art and Folk crafts” faculty.

“Oil painting and fine art” specialization.

“An artist – master” qualification.


I graduated from the Lenin Moscow state university in 2008.

“Graphic art” faculty.

“Design” department.

“An architect-designer” specialization.



I took part in the exhibitions:

2018 the IX international exhibition "ART OF DOLLS"

2017 the VIII international exhibition "ART OF DOLLS"

2016 XII The international salon of author’s dolls


2015 Exhibition of porcelain dolls in Mytishchi Picture Gallery

        the VI international exhibition "ART OF DOLLS"


2014 The V Moscow International exhibition Art of Doll


2013 The IV Moscow International exhibition of Doll’s Art

        IX The international salon of author’s dolls

        Mosfair Moscow


2012 The III Moscow International exhibition of Doll’s Art

        VIII The international salon of author’s dolls

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