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   Vivid Dolls are author’s collection ball-jointed dolls, hand-made completely.
I find inspiration in many things; it can be favorite movies, fairy tales, paintings of famous masters, nature, animals and birds, just the pretty face in the crowd, or the stars.
My dolls are made of porcelain and drawn with overglaze paints, which are burnt at a very high temperature and that keeps the colours strong.
   The creating process is very long and difficult.
All the details are founded, worked on and painted manually. I try to work on all the joints very thoroughly so that they fit the human anatomy, I love beautiful classic proportions.
   All my dolls are limited edition, no more than 2-3 pieces, the doll’s image and the painting are made in a single exemplar, I never do copies. That’s why every doll is individual and there will never be two same dolls.
Some of the dolls I make only as OOAK (one of a kind), it's an unique dolls with a history and lots of details.
Accessories for my dolls are based on my ideas and sketches and done by a group of professionals.
All materials, gemstones, fabrics, I choose personally.
   Vivid dolls are created not just for playing, they can become the unique complement of any doll’s collection, they can be passed on from generation to generation and they will always please their owners.
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