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This collection of dolls inspired me by my favorite movies. Of course I have many favorite movies, but these I had seen countless times. If you ask me, why movies and why not books, I will say that, in my opinion, the characters are perfectly matched, even reading the books I see them like in a movies.

Will say one more time, I didn’t make exact portrait similarity, for me only the image was important.


Romeo and Juliet, based on the movie of 1968, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. It seems to me that so much has been said about this famous couple, that there is nothing to add. I tried to convey, tenderness, love and a bit of sadness in these dolls. And they turned out exactly like I wanted.


Lolita based on the movie of 1997 directed by Adrian Lyne. It's hard for me to describe the feelings I feel regarding this character. Dolores a very "strong" doll, she have piercing gaze, there's intransigence in her face, challenge and sadness, in my opinion, all that is in the heroine of the film. This doll is very special for me, I put a lot of effort into this work


Agness inspired by the film "Flesh and blood", 1985, directed by Paul Verhoeven. This is a complex character and this is why I like her. In Agnes combine such qualities as intelligence, beauty, despite the plot I think she is a faithful, loving and also cunning. I hope I managed to convey all  this in her image.


This whole project is an experiment for me. I got out of the comfort zone, created a new body with new hinges, tried to make faces with a realistic human features. I think I've succeeded. All dolls in this series are OOAK.


All photos made by art duet LePier

The clothes are made by Svetlana Li (elcatka)


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