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Sleeping Beauty, porcelain BJD doll. 37cm. tall, drawn with overglaze china paints and assembled on stainless steel springs. A wig made of mohair. The joints are lined by leather. Whole doll is showered with billions of sparkling grains of sand (metallic china paints). The doll has two engraved tattoos. The headdress & shoes made of silver, headdress is decorated with stucco handmade flowers. The dress is made of silk, embroidered with beads and freshwater pearls.


Based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault

"...One would have taken her for a little angel, she was so beautiful; for her swooning had not dimmed the brightness of her complexion: her cheeks were carnation, and her lips coral. It is true her eyes were shut, but she was heard to breathe softly, which satisfied those about her that she was not dead..."

Спящая Красавица, фарфоровая кукла, выполнена в единственном экземпляре, расписана chinapaints. Собрана на стальные пружины. Кокошник и туфли, выполнены из серебра, вставки из опалов, головной убор украшен лепными цветами ручной работы. Парик из мохера, съемный, на магните. Одежда полностью сшита из дизайнерских шелковых тканей, расшита бисером и натуральными полудрагоценными камнями.

Кукла выполнена по мотивам сказки Шарля Перро "Спящая красавица"

"...Трудно описать словами, как хороша была спящая принцесса. Она нисколько не побледнела. Щёки у неё оставались розовыми, а губы красными, точно кораллы..."

Doll will take a part in "Art of Doll" show in Moscow from 19-22 February 2021.

Spring are strums, it is normal.

Because of the springs, never twist  the joints!!!

VividDolls are porcelain author's works, not for constant play.

Cloth sewen by DollFason Olga Pavlova


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