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Outgoing year results

So, everybody is summing up the outgoing year results and I am not the exception. This past year for me was hard, in many aspects. And I have a feeling that I have trudged through this whole year, with the 100-pound weights on my shoulders. And I am incredibly happy that the year ends.

I made only three dolls in this year o______o threeeeee, only three dolls. I do not understand how it happened, because I worked hard. No, of course I made a new master-model for small dolls and made molds from it, but damn, only three dolls!!!

But anyway, I'm certainly pleased with all three! These characters were spinning in my head and demanded realization. I think these are the most serious of my works at the moment, with lots of details, hidden meaning and with its history.​

Summing up the outgoing year, I want to wish all of You, that new year was more easy, happy, peaceful and productive! Wish health, strength, good luck, to you and your family!

Take care of yourself!

Happy new year!!!

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