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Hello everyone!

Long time since I wrote the last time. I create an account in instagram and become very lazy, what can be easier than take a photo and post it. But the writing posts in my opinion nicer than the just a photo, so I will work on it.

I have quite a lot news, working hard on a new porcelain dolls. Presumably new dolls will be about 34-36cm. tall a little more then my past small dolls, I think it will be such a nice size.

I am working on eight dolls for now, five nude dolls and three dolls from collection "The Reign of Beauty". Nude dolls are going to be ready at first, perhaps in January-February. For now nude dolls passed the first low temperature firing and I sanded them in water, this is one of my favorite stages in work with porcelain.

By the way, I made new face very similar to my doll from one of the last series, namely like the Luna, I just love this face type so I decide to make something similar. And one asian face also similar with one of my last big dolls.

And the ladies from the collection are awaiting an engraving, and much more.

It is all news for today.

Wish you all the best and stay tuned!

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