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New doll

Hello, dear friends! I'm willing to present my new doll, which I worked on for the last few months. The idea of her creation I nurtured for two years.

In the beginning, I had to choose whether to do a portrait doll, or to create an image. I chose the second option, in my understanding the doll first of all, must be a doll and it must reflect the understanding and vision of the author.

I was looking for inspiration in the works, photographs and biography of talented, strong and not ordinary person, Frida Kahlo. Many, many times I reviewed a film about the life of a wonderful artist. I think my work shows some of the face features of the actress Salma Hayek, who played a terrific role in the eponymous film "Frida."

I am very pleased how turned out this doll and I am not ready to part with it. My doll Frida, is my perception and rethinking of images and feelings that I experienced during her creation. The doll will participate in the annual international competition of Pandora Platinum May 26 in ST. Petersburg.

And about sale I'll think later, perhaps after Pandora.

Frida is OOAK, made of porcelain, 45cm tall, painted by ChinaPaints. Skirt, top and stole, hand-painted in technique of cold batik. Special attention deserves the skirt, it depicts motifs from the paintings of Frida Kahlo. The petticoat made from vintage lace. Bracelets and shoes are made of silver and gold plated. Wigs are made of natural mohair.

More pics, will show later.

Photos by art Duet LePier

Тop and skirt sewn by Svetlana Li

Painting of cloth custom made Yaroslava Kuznetsova

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