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Hello dear friends! I want to write a small post, a little information, a little thought and some plans.

But first, about the new dolls. Almost everything is ready, there are only some things to do, then photographing and I will ready to present my projects and the work I have done this year.

To say that I'm tired is not to say anything… I'm VERY tired, I put a lot of time and effort in the new collections, and I'm really happy with what I got.

So, very soon, will be the presentation and will begin sales. I want to note that not all dolls will be for sale, because I take part in the exhibition Art of Dolls this year, Romeo and Juliet, hummingbird and blue peacock will stay with me and will be available for sale later. Of course, if I will not decide to leave some of them to myself…Yes, this also can be:)

Now about the plans, I must say that after these projects I take a big break, probably more than a year, but will not idle. Of course, the first thing I need to rest a bit, secondly I want to improve my skills of doll making and I'm going to go on some courses, and thirdly, I have Grand ideas for new projects that will require time to implement them.

Afraid to upset my customers, in next year I will do less dolls, but they will be more complicated.

That is all I wanted to say:)

Don't miss the presentation and good luck!

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