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Hi everyone!!! I have some news. I'll show you some pictures of the process and outline the next stage of work. Yesterday I finished priming and enameling master-models, all my dolls are ready for modeling! I am glad that this phase was completed, because I really missed porcelain and want to have more casting, sanding and everything else)

Now about the projects. I decided to create a collection of dolls called "Birds". This time, of course I will not make a masks, as in a "totem" series , I will do other accessories, but I will write about it later. I'm going to keep in secret the names of birds. Maybe someone can guess it:)

Now, about my second Project. It gonna be my favorite movie characters. Three girls and a boy. About the couple, the characters are very recognizable, I think you can guess who is it :) I tried to convey not a portrait likeness of my movie characters, but their inner world and their feelings through the prism of my vision, I hope I will succeed in it.

It's all my news for today :)

All new photos of process you can find in "work in progress" gallery.

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