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Katie Scarlett O'Hara

Scarlett O'Hara

OOAK porcelain doll, 36 cm tall. Drawn with overglaze china paints and assembled on stainless steel springs. The joints are glued by leather. Wig made of genuine mohair.

The clothes are made of natural silk and cotton, the hat is made of Italian straw. Shoes are made from polyurethane 

The set includes:

- Porcelain doll

- Wig 

- Outfit

- Wooden box

- Certificate of authenticity

Katie Scarlett O'Hara— the main character of

Margaret Mitchell's nove l"gone with the wind", written in 1936, one of the most

famous female images of American literature, which became a symbol of enterprise, temperament and ability to survive.

My Scarlet is based on the 1939 movie

"gone with the wind". The performer of the main role is Vivien Leigh. 

Кэти-Скарлетт О’Хара — главная героиня
романа Маргарет Митчелл «Унесённые ветром», написанного в 1936 году, один из наиболее известных женских образов американской литературы, ставший символом предприимчивости, темперамента и умения выживать. Моя Скарлет выполнена по мотивам фильма, снятого в 1939: «Унесённые ветром». Исполнительница гл. роли — Вивьен Ли.

Spring are strums, it is normal.

Because of the springs, never twist  the joints!!!

VividDolls are porcelain author's works, not for constant play.

Cloth sewen by "Doll Fason" Olga Pavlova

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