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Little Mermaid, porcelain BJD doll. 36cm. tall, drawn with overglaze china paints and assembled on stainless steel springs. A wig made of mohair. The joints are lined by leather. Whole doll is showered with billions of sparkling grains of sand (metallic china paints). The dress is made of silk, embroidered with beads and freshwater pearls.

Based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. 

"They were six lovely girls, but the youngest was the most beautiful of them all. Her skin was as soft and tender as a rose petal, and her eyes were as blue as the deep sea..."


Dress sewn by DollFason Olga Pavlova

Spring are strums, it is normal.

Because of the springs, never twist  the joints!!!

VividDolls are porcelain author's works, not for constant play.


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