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Lady Godiva is

OOAK doll, made of fine porcelain, has an engraving on the body, painted with chinapaints. Assembled on a steel spring. Necklaces, earrings, studs and sandals made of gold plated silver, with natural white and black opals. A cloak made of coupon fabric. Wig made of Alpaca.


The author of the horse for Godiva, the wonderful Olga Kobrina. He is made of papier-mache and hardened plastic, inside metal frame, painted with acrylic, covered with varnish.


I set the horse on two acrylic rods, the base is made from maple, manually polished with wax. The blanket from cotton embroidered with beads, the saddle is made from genuine leather on a rigid frame (removable), bridle also imade from leather.


The set includes:

- Porcelain doll

- A necklace, two pins,

earrings, sandals, all is made of silver

gilt 24K gold, with black and white opals

- Wig is made from Alpaca

- Cloak

- Horse on the stand

- The blanket is made of cotton

- The saddle and bridle are made of genuine leather

- Wooden box

- Certificate of authenticity


The doll is sold


More info about this character in my blog, больше информации об этой кукле в моем блоге, на русском & english

Link to a historical source wikipedia

Spring are strums, it is normal.

Because of the springs, never twist  the joints!!!

VividDolls are porcelain author's works, not for constant play.

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