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So who are they, the daughters of the Dragon, from where they came into this world? About this tells an old Chinese tale...


High in the mountains in a deep cave lived a Dragon. He paid no attention to earthly vanity and he didn't care about people. All the days he slept at the entrance to the cave, guarding his treasures.

But once he was awakened by someone's magical singing. The voice was so beautiful that the Dragon began to wonder who could it be. He got out, soared into the clouds and flew. Down in the valley Dragon saw a young Princess and she captured the mighty serpent with her beauty and grace.

For a long time, the Dragon watched her, and then began to appear in the night dreams of the girl. They conducted long conversations, and with each passing day the Princess amazed the Dragon not only by her beauty, but also by her kindness, intelligence and purity. They fell in love with each other, and then the Dragon transformed to a man, he asked the Emperor to marry of his daughter. A wise ruler, of course, did not mind to give the princess to the Dragon: it was a great honour even for the Imperial family.


After the magnificent wedding the Dragon took his beloved to the mountains. But the Princess could not live in a cave and then the Dragon with his fiery breath turned the rock into a magnificent castle.

After some time the couple had twins, two daughters. Mother endowed them intelligence and beauty and their father gifted them with magical abilities.


The eldest daughter, was calm and gentle, like water in a stream, and they named her, Yui, what means the Moon.

The younger daughter had a strong character, she was bold and brisk, her cheerfulness was searing like a fire. She was named, Yang, what means the Sun.


The fate of eldest daughter was predetermined from her birth. She supposed to become the wife of a powerful ruler of a neighboring country. From an early age she was raised and prepared in accordance with her purpose.

The youngest daughter was allowed more liberties and freedoms, and to curb her temper was not so easy, however, even she was not free on her own future.

Despite the fact that the sisters were born so different, they were very friendly and could not imagine life without each other. And then they came up with a plan how to become a mistresses of their own fates...


What happened next? Hopefully, the continuation of this story will tell us the future owners of Yang and Yui.


And from my side  I'm sure these beautiful princesses will bring happiness in the house where they will dwell and will become the jewels of any doll collection!

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