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Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova

OOAK porcelain doll, 36 cm tall. Drawn with overglaze china paints and assembled on stainless steel springs. The joints are glued by leather. Wig made of genuine mohair.

The clothes are made of natural silk, embroidered with beads and more than two hundreds silk hand made flowers.

The set includes:

- Porcelain doll

- Wig with flowers

- Outfit

- Wooden box

- Certificate of authenticity

- Brass stand

More info about this character in my blog, больше информации об этой кукле в моем блоге, на русском & english.

Spring are strums, it is normal.

Because of the springs, never twist  the joints!!!

VividDolls are porcelain author's works, not for constant play.

Cloth sewen by Elcatka

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