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About St. Petersburg & Pandora

I'm in St. Petersburg not for the first time. But every time, I again fall in love with this wonderful city, beautiful architecture, unique atmosphere. Even people in St. Petersburg are a bit different, not like in Moscow.

After Pandora we had a couple of days, for enough to walk and admire the beautiful views and versatility of the city, to look around and consider the many small details. And of course I want to come again and not once.

Now about Pandora. The contest was held in a beautiful mansion of Polovcev A.A. The interiors are struck by the richness of decoration and luxury. I can not believe that before there lived someone. Many thanks to the organizers for holding the competition in such a beautiful place!

Works qualifying for the second round, were very different, made in different techniques and styles, from such materials as wood, textiles, plastic, porcelain and all in one nomination, I thought it was a little weird. My personal impression from the contest is strange. I am upset for ball-jointed dolls in General! There were presented many worthy works and authors (like me, Sisters Popovy, Olga Good e.t.c.), but none of the bjd had not received award. I was under the impression, that jury is not consider and not classified bjd in General as a piece of art and worthy competition of the classical static dolls.

Anyway, after few days of idle vacillation the St. Petersburg, I returned to Moscow with a positive attitude and desire to work. Thank you wonderful city, for a lot of impressions and a huge boost of energy! Hope to see you soon!

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