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Celestial Light

So less time left before the exhibition Art of Dolls and I guess it is time to tell more about my big project.

In my opinion, the title already speaks for itself, “celestial light”- celestial body, the sun, moon and stars, what could be more beautiful.

Each girl shimmers with her own light, which is radiant from inside.

Working on the sun, I thought that it gives life to everything on earth, but at the same time can take the life. Sol has turned out warm, but strict, proud, she is a Queen who rule the world.

The moon, looking down from the sky, she shine a ghostly silver light. She is beautiful and untouchable. But when I hold Luna in my hands, I think she came down to me from the night sky, she is a real moon.

Stella, mysterious as all stars. Blinks, looks at you from the darkness, you can admired by her perfect beauty endlessly.

The painting of each doll is unique. On the body of each doll is a painted "medallion", I tried to simulate a technique of lacquer miniatures, I don't know if I managed it, but it came out beautifully, I'm happy with the result.

I am very happy with this collection, I find it beautiful, like heaven itself!

All dolls created in two instances.

One of the girls will stay in my own collection, the other Sol, will be auctioned after the exhibition on Ebay.

Dolls is 44cm.tall, made of pocelain, assembled on stainless steel springs.

All dolls from the collection "celestial light" will be represented at the VI international exhibition "ART OF DOLLS" from 11 to 13 December 2015 in the Gostiny Dvor, Moscow. For those who cannot visit the exhibition, all dolls will be presented here on my website, on the evening of 11 December in the section "available dolls".




Also I have a surprise for you, all doll accessories can be used as jewellery

All photos made by art Duet LePier

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