New year, new projects...

January 3, 2015

Hello, my dear!


First, I want to wish happy New Year, to wish that every new day brought joy to you and that would be near you always were close friends and loving family!

Secondly, I need to stop celebrate and go back to work and to tell you about my new projects!:)

I am planing two projects, also I would like to try many new technologies. I'm working on a new master-models now, will make new faces and new size of several dolls.

Collections are called, "elements" and "celestial light". Pulled me on something metaphysical:) I hope it will be beautiful...

Yes, as I already mentioned before, I am not planing to make more dolls of the past molds and nude dolls in this year. Also due to a more complex technologies of dolls creating, I will make them less than in the last year, because for me will be hard to work in big volumes.


Good luck and inspiration to all!!!





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